"Life Altering"

"After a session with Barb, I have experienced that rare combination of my spirit, mind, and body being aligned in a way that is nearly indescribable. As a Type “A” personality who rarely has a quiet psyche, Barb has gifted me with peace. I do not say this lightly.  I have left her with insight into who I am and what is the essence of leading a purposeful life.

Barbara Friling is that rare combination healer and psychotherapist who can detect without words what the body and mind needs and find that place of healing.

I have had Reiki, Body Talk, and traditional massage with Barb Friling. Often she is able to determine what is best for me in a given session and I defer to her instincts. Our sessions are emotionally and spiritually conjoined. She can read my moods, and more importantly allows me to “off-load” any baggage or ill feelings that are keeping me from being the positive and open person I want to be.

My sessions with Barb are a necessity, not a luxury. You will not know what this means unless you have experienced her remarkable abilities and their impact on your life."

Judy D

What Barbara's Clients Have to Say

At our last meeting i was very pleased with the results of our therapy session. I became so relaxed i felt motionless and uplifted to a new level. I felt free and floating, comfortable and happiness abounded. Definitely a higher level of consciousness than i have ever experienced before, thank you.

Jim B.

I've been coming to see Barb for years and years now. I had heard that Reiki could help my agonizing tennis elbow and after a few sessions I was pain free but she's so good at what she does that I keep seeing her every month for massage and sometimes Reiki if I need it. Barb really listens to you and targets the areas where you have pain or stress and you leave feeling like a new person. I once had a session while I had the beginnings of a cold and through her lymphatic drainage techniques, she knocked that cold right out of my system - literally! She's also really helped my daughter with some emotional struggles through Body Talk and my daughter says she really feels different after each session. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I drive 45 minutes to see her because no one else can do what she does!

Shelly R.

I have found Barb Friling to be a gifted healer, one who practices many healing modalities. Initially, I looked to her for therapeutic massage and melted under her touch. She is much more than that, as I have found through the years. In 2008 I suffered from debilitating Lyme Disease, and Barb encouraged my being with massage, Body Talk, Reiki, aromatherapy, and more. I have continued seeing Barb on a regular basis. Fortunately, I have not had any recurrence of Lyme Disease. And I have been spared serious health problems, for which I give Barb a lot of credit. Whether I've received a wonderful massage, lymphatic drainage, or whatever I may have needed at the time, after I've had a session with Barb, I feel more confident of my capacity for enjoying good health.

Joan L.

Barb has magic hands! I have been a client of Barb’s for at least 10 years and she always manages to make my body and spirit feel better. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and when my joints act up, her methods of therapy – including massage, lymph node drainage, and reiki – provide almost immediate relief. I wish I could go every week!
Barb’s calm demeanor, obvious concern for her clients, and suggestions on healthy eating enhance the massage experience, as do the music and wonderful essential oils! I have referred Barb to friends who were in need of a real massage, not just rubbing oils all over, and they have been more than happy with the experience!

Eileen O.

I've been a client of Barb's for many years. She has helped me address and resolve challenges on physical, emotional and spiritual levels through massage, Reiki and body talk sessions. Barb is also a really good teacher as I completed my Reiki II certification with her. She is a practitioner who is knowledgeable, kind, honest and humble. I continue to learn from Barb and I truly value and appreciate her.

Megan G.

I had driven to Philadelphia several days before I had a session with Barbara, it was an 8 hr drive and with traffic and the general anxiety of most highways these days on top of dealing with several injuries and immune disorders i was in rough shape by the time I got in to see her! my back was spasming and I was unable to work it out myself. my aunt recommended Barbara and I am ever grateful that she did! The session was amazing! I have had body/energy work before but this was very different. I was incredibly relaxed and honestly in a bit of a trance-like state for most of our time together, which makes it hard to put into words! Barbara is a healer for sure. I felt so safe and in such good hands and was super relaxed and in far less discomfort and pain after my session with Barbara. I would like to pay forward my good fortune in finding Barbara by highly recommending her to you!


As we approach the end of 2016 I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for your assistance this past year. I feel that I would not have made it through without you showing me the way. We met by chance, but then again, I have come to learn that there are no coincidences. I was quite lost and broken when I wandered into your meditation class. Through your various areas of expertise you guided me to my journey of wellness both without and within. Having experienced so called "similar" services at places which I will not name, but that are touted as "the best in the country" , I say unequivocally that those folks cannot hold a candle to what you bring to the table (pun intended). You are a true gem of a person in every sense of the word. I ask God and the Universe to Bless you for allowing us to find one another.

Vanessa K.

At the nursery school where I work, there is a temperamental urinal that has an automatic flush. It's in the men's room in the lobby of the building, but it's a small one for the boys. Well.... the automatic, red-eye motion sensor that detects movement does not work on this urinal, and it has no button to push to get the thing to flush. It's hard to get it to flush. It just doesn't--easily anyway. When I'm in that bathroom taking the boys to the potty, I do Reiki on it. Then it flushes. I give it a few "show-koo-rays", and Iay my hands over and around the sensor. It works. Simply laying my hands on the sensor and removing them does not. Simply moving my hands in front of the sensor doesn't do it. It responds to the reiki. I don't know how other people get it to flush, but that's what I do, and it works. I've been doing it for the 4 years that I've been working there.