What it means to be a Reiki Master

“Becoming a Reiki Master is about transition, transformation, even transmutation. It’s about embracing the one constant in life. Change.”


Becoming a Reiki Master is not about a piece of paper or the title of “master.” It is about enlightenment and spirituality. It is about opening yourself up to become all that you are and all that you can become. It’s about growing and glowing, allowing your Light to shine so others may see. It’s about expanding yourself, your thoughts and your Being in ways you never dreamed possible.

It’s about discovering the depth of your being and realizing how beautiful you truly are and in that process, allowing you to see the beauty that’s all around you.

It’s about learning how to “peel the onion” as we say, gracefully, layer by layer and letting it go. It’s self discovery. It’s about honoring a path that you’ve chosen… a healing path for your own self empowerment… . and realizing the path could be covered with onion peels… and knowing that it’s a good thing.

I encourage you to embrace “a new way of looking at what living means.” I love this quote from Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now:

“You are here for the Divine Purpose of the Universe to unfold… that’s how important you are.”

Think about it…. there are so many lives to be touched with Reiki. People who will want to learn and that means we will need more and more qualified, “good” Reiki Teachers.

I encourage all my students to use their tools, ask questions, and come to Reiki Shares. I also do my best to support my students in their quest to become all that they choose to be. I’m there to listen and I love learning new things from them as they expand and grow and share their knowledge and wisdom.

Let me end by saying, if you think being a Reiki Master is just about a piece of paper, or a title, think again! Becoming a Reiki Master is not about mastering Reiki… it’s about Reiki mastering you… and it’s amazing, wonderful, empowering, beautiful, exciting, rewarding, challenging, peaceful and above all… it’s loving beyond measure.